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The film

Searching for Skylab

Searching For Skylab is an independently produced documentary, created out of the love for space. It is the story of one of the greatest American triumphs led by NASA.

Skylab was the first and so far only solely American space station. Launched in 1973.

What was Skylab all about?

Following the Apollo Moon landings, the experimental Skylab space station was in NASA’s own words: “(…) the most ambitious and long-lived manned space research effort yet undertaken.” 

meet the team

The Crew

Dwight Steven-Boniecki

Award-winning author of Live TV from the Moon, Live TV from Orbit, and editor of Skylab 1 & 2: The NASA Mission Reports, Skylab 3: The NASA Mission Reports, and Skylab 4: The NASA Mission Reports, Dwight returns to the art of filmmaking. Armed with an in-depth knowledge of Skylab, he presents the largely forgotten Skylab Program in a detail on film not seen since 1973.

Dwight was born in Sydney, Australia, and became international broadcasting professional. After studying television theory at North Sydney Technical College he moved to San Diego, USA where he completed his TV production training. He returned to Australia and worked in TV before heading back to university majoring in Psychology. Television was the industry for which Dwight’s heart was really beating and so he returned to the industry. Naturally, when he heard of an unusual opportunity of expanding digital satellite TV in Eastern Europe he jumped on a plane. It is in Europe, having moved from Great Britain to Germany – where he still works today as a transmission engineer.

Alexandra Steven-Boniecki

Attracted to the idea of making a film showcasing the Skylab project after being made aware of the countless science experiments undertaken during the mission, she became passionate about helping to bridge the gap between the science examples conducted during the Skylab mission and what little is known to the public the world over. Alexandra boasts the Walt Disney Company as one of her more high-profile clients.

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